Checklist before your first episode

Here's a checklist to ensure that your first episode on Zync is a huge success

Must Do:

  1. Send Guest Invitations: Ensure you've sent invitations to your guests and ask them to 'Add to Calendar' for the episode.
  2. Prepare Sections: Use the 'Prepare' tab to drag and drop unique sections like questions, discussion points, polls, word clouds, and offers. These sections are vital for an engaging episode and for Zync to create micro content.
  3. Rehearsal Studio: Familiarize yourself with the product and the Episode Timeline in the Rehearsal Studio. You can run rehearsals as many times as needed, and they won't be recorded or published. 
  4. Explore the Lobby: Get to know the Lobby, your "backstage" area to connect with your guest speaker before and after the live episode. The Lobby segment is not recorded and is not visible to attendees.
  5. Go Live: Remember to click "Go Live" to exit the Lobby and start the live and recorded episode. Practice this in the Rehearsal Studio.
  6. Questions: Try the 'Questions' tab to practice submitting and taking questions using the '?' tab. It's essential to get comfortable with this feature.


  • Add Notes: Enhance your episode by adding notes for each discussion point section, ensuring you don't miss any important details when speaking to your audience.

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