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Hosting a podcast creates authentic content and engages audiences, but managing it can be tough. Zync handles the grunt work so you can focus on hosting.
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Brand, Content, and Revenue

Inbound media drives 5X customer engagement than whitepapers, case studies, and other traditional methods.
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Produce powerful video

Engage guest speakers and audiences to produce content that is both educational and entertaining.
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Build thought leadership

Put yourself at the forefront of industry conversations, leveraging guest expertise to enhance your own influence.
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Nurture Relationships

Grow your network by inviting prospects, customers, and partners as guests delivering valuable and engaging content.

Content Publishing Powerhouse

No more post-production hassles or navigating through transcripts and managing media assets. Streamline your process for seamless execution that captivates your audience.
Get diverse content types in minutes

From every episode, Zync produces tons of multi-media and multi-platform content. These include long-form video, short-form video clips, episode summar pages, podcast, etc.

Distribute across all your channels

Zync formats and produces content for platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X, Spotify, and more. All of this content is available within minutes of you completing recording.

Share captivating bite-sized content

Zync clips, edits, and adds effects and captions to produce tons of content bites - all on brand.

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State of the Art Recording Studio

Move past recorded Zoom videos. Zync's studio allows for visual storytelling and interactive experiences. Say goodbye to static talking heads.
Get studio quality recording

Zync uses local recording and multi-camera angles to produce high-definition video no matter where you record from.

Host like a video podcast pro

Our studio is designed with the host in mind. For example, you can connect with your guest speakers in offline conversations in the lobby. The Zync studio comes with a built-in timeline where you can video the segments and control the flow of your episode.

Invite a live audience

Not only invite, you can co-create content with audience members by using interactive segments and live reactions. Zync captures these signals to produce content bites where your audience was most engaged.

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One-Stop Show Production

Zync takes the stress out of producing a show and does the heavy lifting for you. You can focus on having great conversations and creating amazing content - we'll take care of the rest.
Get the most from your time

Outside of actual recording time, hosts typically spend 20 minutes preparing for the episode (which Zync also helps with). That's it. Zync handles everything else.

Manage speaker relationships

You can create and manage your guest wishlist inside our Speaker CRM. You can add notes for Speakers and Zync will convert those into questions for when you plan an episode with them.

Capture audience information

Zync produces registration pages if you'd like to invite a live audience. We also generate a 'Submit a Question' page for audiences who may not be able to attend live. At the end of your episode, you'll get a registration report, audience analytics, and engagement reports.

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Customer Spotlight

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"Zync was the platform partner I needed to kick off our company's Talk Show - Conversations in the Future of Work. The Zync platform makes my job as a host streamlined and efficient, so that I spend less time building materials and more time thinking about the conversation in play. The post-show materials are fantastic. Summarization and various clips make it so easy to get the most out of every single episode." - Rachel Cossar, Founder/CEO, Virtual Sapiens
Episodes recorded with experts and prospects
Video clips for Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Website
Pages produced from show driving organic traffic
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