Setting up your brand kit

Setting Up Your Brand Kit: Creating a Consistent Image for Your Talkshow.

Zync uses your brand colors and logo to design your episodes. Please make sure to set this up before recording your episode.

1. Go to your workspace settings

2. Set your primary color, accent color, and logo

Things to keep in mind:

  • Your logo should be within the dimension of 300 (width) X 150 (height). If you have a larger logo, please resize it to be within these dimensions. You can use a tool like
  • Do NOT keep your primary and accent color the same. This will lead to poor looking pages and episodes.
  • Make sure your logo is visible over the primary color as most automatically generated webpages and video will place your logo over the primary color
  • Please see the Preview material generated below your Brand Kit to see how your assets will look based on your color selections.

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