Adding Sections to your episode

Adding Sections to Your Episode: Structuring Your Talkshow Content Effectively.

You MUST add sections to your episode - this is a critical step for Zync to design your episode and create your content kit.

Adding sections only takes a few minutes -- please follow the steps as shown in the image above. You can add different types of sections: 

  • Discussion Point: Ask a question or bring up a point -- this will be anchored below the video of the guest and host
  • Poll: Add audience interaction with a poll
  • Wordcloud: Ask audiences to submit their thoughts -- your wordcloud will be formed in real time as responses come in
  • Present Image: Upload an image or gif
  • Present Video: Showcase a video (by adding youtube, vimeo =, etc links) -- you can autoplay or mute the video in the settings of the section
  • Present Text: Showcase written text
  • Exclusive Offer: Make an exclusive offer to your audiences. This includes a clickable link which audiences will be able to open during the live episode

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