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Are you ready to actually connect better with your remote team? Bring Your Team Together. Fun games for all types of teams: Buzzer Rounds, Group games, Improv games. An inclusive gameshow that makes everyone feel better at the end of it. Increases team psychological safety Improve communication and camaraderie* with group problem solving!
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The purpose of this meeting is to make remote team-building easier with simple, fun group activities.

Remote work has many advantages, but unfortunately building work relationships isn't usually one of them.

The lack of in-person time and casual chatting often makes employees feel disengaged or disconnected. Research has shown that a weak bond between teammates taxes any team in many ways, from poorer communication, cooperation, trust, and productivity.

Team building activities that are staples in traditional in-person offices like mixers and friendly inter-department competitions are where people often learn to appreciate the human side of their co-workers and make stories that serve as anchoring points for their relationship and rapport. In the post-COVID world of remote teams and virtual meetings, these events and bonding moments can be easily forgotten - they erode productivity quietly as their effects are often not seen until it is too late.

In this template, Zync offer's remote teams' a glimpse at that stress relieving, humanizing, recharging and morale boosting setting through a video meeting. Through Zync's unique functionality, it's easy to facilitate a series of fun classic games and activities to break the ice, diffuse the tension and let everyone get friendlier.

These activities are suitable for small to medium-sized teams, to run over longer periods of time, atleast 45 min. They work best when your team has time to warm up and get into the mood, say on a Friday afternoon... "TGIF, its time for our weekly Zync Team Building meeting!"

Go Team

This opening scene is a level setter - although the video grid layout is quite typical, through vibrant designs and fun graphics it primes your meeting attendees to let loose and live a little. Brand this for your organization and throw in a inside joke or theme'd picture to set the tone right.


This scene helps you set a fun frame for your meeting - outlining the Agenda, Purpose and gives Participation Tips helps you maintain the best meeting practices possible. Organizing our thoughts on these high-level points and spelling them out upfront helps everyone get clarity on what to expect in this meeting.


Although you team probably know's each other formally, this scene let's everyone introduce the less serious side of themselves. Using the roundtable block each person gets a preset time limit to occupy the stage and share with their team something new about themselves. This lubricates the social dynamics of the group and helps people feel more free to be themselves.

Audience Poll

The games you play matter - this anonymous group poll get's the audience to list what their favorite games are in a "safe" way, to see where they overlap and spark some inspiration for discussing future team building session activities!

Warm-Up Wordle

Get the juices really flowing with this scene that offers a first game for the group - Wordle! Everyone sees a hint for a 5 letter mystery word on the right side, and everyone has to race to guess it in a short time - first person gets 10 points, second person 1 point, and the rest... need to sharpen their pencil! The leaderboard at the top keeps score as you knock out a few rounds of this new popular game that's taken the wordl -ugh, world by storm!

Trivia Prep

This scene sets the stage for the classic Trivia game, listing the rules and getting everyone ready to start.

Trivia - Game

This scene helps you play the classic game of Trivia with a hot seat large video feed, where contestants can risk a guess at the million dollar question written in large font in the center. The hotseat video spot is accessed by clicking the buzzer button placeholder, in a first come first serve format to manage the queue of answers objectively. Meanwhile the host's video feed is ever-present in the top right, and the all contestants video feeds fill the bottom of the screen. Once a question is answered correctly or incorrectly, the buzzer goes off with visual and sound effects that would please Alex Trebek himself.

Heads-Up Prep

This scene sets the stage for the "Heads-Up" game, listing the rules and getting everyone ready to start.

Heads Up Game

This Scene let's you play the group game of "Heads Up"; here the team is divided into two, by assiging one of the teams attendees the role of "teama", and the other remaining default guests. Then team A is brought onto the break-out table on center stage, and one person in that group is given the hotseat by being assigned "a1" role. When the game starts, only the hot seat member gets access to secret words, that they must explain to their team members on stage without saying the word outright - the team a members must try to guess these words in a Jeopardy or Charades style, where each successful world yields them points. Team a continues guessing words until the 1 minute time goes off, at which point they come off stage by being - unassigned their roles. And the remaining guests get brought on stage as the second team takes its turn in the same fashion. This goes back and forth for as many rounds as allotted, and then the team with the highest score after all the rounds wins!

Know Your Team Prep

This scene sets the stage for the "Know Your Team" game, listing the rules and getting everyone ready to start.

Know Your Team Game

This Scene frames the game of Know Your Team, where people are put in the "hot seat" one at a time, by being assigned to the center stage video feed, and then the audience is to guess what the hotseated-person would choose between the two options for the question on the top of the page. The Hotseat cannot see the answers, and once everyone else has voted in confidence, the hotseated person gives their real answer and explains why, and that's compared to the crowd's answers for a good laugh and maybe some interesting insights!

Two Truths and a Lie Prep

This scene sets the stage for the "Heads-Up" game, listing the rules and getting everyone ready to start.

Two Truths and a Lie Game

This Scene takes the classic game of Two Truths and a Lie to the next level - the game's Liar takes center stage with the large video feed, where they say three statements (two of which are true, and one which is a lie), the group then votes individually about which statement was a lie through a interactive poll on the right side. The results are tallied right on the screen and "the Liar" the reveals the correct answer. Meanwhile, emojis can flow on screen via the reaction bar at the whole spicy affair!

Presentation Karaoke Prep

This scene sets the stage for the "Presentation Karoake" game, listing the rules and getting everyone ready to start.

Presentation Karaoke Game

This Scene tests your teams imagination and sales skills, by giving them the challenge of having to explain a generic diagram as if they are talking to a board of stakeholders. The hot seat is a larger video feed that attendees take turns occupying, and then taking a minute or two to give their best pitch of the diagram and content above. The rest of the attendees watch and try to contain themselves at the bottom of the screen in smaller video feeds... until it is their turn in the hot seat. At the end of the round, once everyone has had a turn to ugh, "pitch", the group votes one who had the most convincing speech. Bet you can't get through this one without laughing!

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