Sprint Retrospective

Tired of your sprints having the same issues time and time again? Need more structure in your sprint retros? Want to get your team to open up and give more input on how to improve?
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The purpose of this meeting is to better reflect on your remote agile team’s last sprint cycle.

Sprints get their name for the simple fact that they are fast experiences, they go by in a blur. And just like a sprinter, it’s important to take your time and review your performance afterwards - instead of repeating flawed techniques cycle after cycle, your work is iterative in nature and so too should be its operations. 

How should you retro your sprint?
It’s important to get your whole team’s candid feedback, and not just the limited POVs of management. This means you need to create a fun environment with a clear forum for the team to open up and be candid with their issues and advice. Make things comfortable, this should feel like a group reflection, not a review of all individual’s performance.

What should you retro?
You won’t be able to review everything that’s happened in two weeks in one meeting, so it’s key to create a structured meeting with strategic, planned out discussions. Typical topics to cover in a sprint are: demos of new deliverables, recognition of individual’s work, and collectively commenting and brainstorming on the team’s performance! 

Why retro?
Just like sprinters, if you do not continually review and adjust your performance, you will almost definitely fall victim to inefficiency, unsustainability, or worse (fatal bugs, employee turnover..). It is best practice to make sprint retro’s a ritual for your team, at the end of each retro - showcase, celebrate, and improve your craft. 


This scene let's you welcome your team and get them in the mood for an interactive meeting, with a fun word game on the top right. The moderator sits on the top left and welcomes people as they flow in, for 5 minutes until everyone is preset and warmed up!

Team Poll

This scene primes your team with a quick survey, everyone can enter single word answers anonymously, and then review the results live together. The 1 minute timer along the top keeps things on track, and focuses everyone to start engaging in the meeting.


This scene gives a framework for your team to show their appreciation for one another - you can bring anyone on stage for a moment of recognition for their work this last sprint.


This scene sets aside a specific time interval along the top, for teammates to one by one and showcase something they've done during this sprint, by using the share screen function.


This scene gets down to business and asks your team to brainstorm on three simple questions on how to improve your team's overall performance. All attendees can anonymously submit their written input into any box, and then after your team can freely discuss items, assign them or edit them.

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