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Ready to have people stay tuned in for the entirety of the all hands meeting you've spent all this time prepping? Do you want to just reach over the table and get quick easy participation while you have everyone in the same room?
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The purpose of this meeting is to help synchronize with your whole team in a more effective way.

Let's face it, online company-wide meetings are usually boring.

You're sitting there, one of countless names in meeting window, passively listening to what your company's leadership has worked hard to prepare... but for some reason it just isn't engaging. The meeting just feels too detached and before you know it, it's over and there is little measurable benefit. This results in both sides being frustrated, and yet neither getting a true sense of how to solve the problem.

That's where Zync comes in - through unique functionality, we offer meeting organizers more effective "Meeting Flow" via tools to actually hold the attention of their audiences and make their meetings more structured - even in a large crowded meetings. Things like tailored meeting stage layouts, onscreen timers, dynamic real-time live audience inputs and communication management tools are proven user behaviour techniques to keep guests interested.

They also allow the event moderators to do more during a meeting - when was the last time you dared to field live feedback from your a large group in a meeting? Yes that sounds challenging because without the proper structured tool, you get quickly overwhelmed with the responses... duplicates, quality issues, etc. But with our interactive apps like the Opinion poll or WordCloud, these things are now suddenly do-able.

This template is packed with powerful functionality just like this, to make your big company meeting feel more intimate, organized and engaging.


This opening scene allows for more professional introductions in a meeting, by putting the host on the main stage with a large video feed and then showing the other guests one by one, as if they are talking turns coming onto the spotlight via a pop-up video bubble. This framework clarifies everyones roles and removes any awkwardness from first meetings, so you can get down to business.


This scene helps you set a professional frame for your meeting - outlining the Agenda, Purpose and gives Participation Tips helps you maintain the best meeting practices possible. By organizing our thoughts on these high-level points and spelling them out upfront, both the meeting moderators as well as the guests get clarity on what to expect in this meeting.


This scene let's you deliver effective speeches, by giving the presenter a large video feed in the center-stage area of the window, with a brief description on the speech, plus a onscreen timer to manage time, and a live reaction emoji bar for attendees to express their thoughts in a fun and un-intrusive way!

Top of Mind

Similar to Keynote, but a bit more focused, this scene let's the presenter the stage to give a pointed speech about a few topics, which can be documented right in the video feed. The audience pools in small video bubbles at the bottom, and there is a reaction emoji bar for the audience to respond in real-time. This format focuses the audiences attention on the speaker and constantly reminds them of the key topics and context of the current speech, and a mechanism to passively react or express themselves without interrupting the narrative.


In large meetings, it's always hard to get accurate feedback from the entire group - but this scene allows for just that. Through a Word Cloud exercise, every attendee can respond with keywords to a question posed by the moderator, and the results are size-ranked for popularity in real-time. This allows event hosts to get on the spot, objective feedback from a large audience during meetings in simple way.

Team Update

Providing updates in a large group can be tough, you have to be concise and engaging but also provide enough context and information for everyone who is not fully aware of the situation to follow along. In this scene, we provide a framework to make it easy; the speaker gets center stage with a large video feed, while the audience pools in smaller video bubbles at the bottom, and the reaction emoji bar allows for passive real-time responses to the speaker, but in addition the speaker can add content on the same window to contextualize and detail their speech for better engagement. In addition, the use of drop-down "FAQs" lets the speaker proactively address questions and reduce interruptions or confusion from unfamiliar listeners. All together these elements let your teams sync up more effectively and be less siloed.

Opinion Poll

Have you ever tried to get your team to fill out a survey? How about get them to give an opinion in a large group setting? Well if you haven't, spoiler alert - its a challenge is putting it mildly. These simple tasks become like pulling teeth even among a well-performing team... we will leave the "why?" to the psychologists, and instead focus on a solution - an opinion poll scene. This scene lets the speaker as a question of a large group with the familiar main stage and audience video elements, but with a real-time, anonymous poll question that get's tallied right on the scene. This saves the speaker endless time and headache in getting their answer, it provides the audience with the convenient and private way to share their honest feedback, and last but not least it makes this feedback more actionable as it's collected in public for everyone to see and speak to.


If you want to have some fun, this scene is for you. This scene let's a speaker ask skill-testing trivia questions and have a structured tool to manage responses. Audience members can gander an answer to the million dollar question by clicking the buzzer first, before any of their colleagues, and then come onto the main stage for their moment of truth.

New Hire

Team bonding in a remote arrangement is even more challenging than in person, and that's why its important to start on the right foot with new hires. In this scene we can bring a new hire onto the stage for the team to celebrate them more clearly, with key details like the correct spelling of their name, their role, and some personal facts - emoji reactions and this dedicated layout quickly build team moral and make newbies feel welcome.


Sometimes you need to recognize a whole team, and what more natural way is there to do that than bring them onto a stage a get everyone to cheer for them. This scene let's you group specific people onto large video feeds on the center stage, give a title and description of their accomplishment, and then have the audience react with speech or the oh so fun reaction emoji bar. Give kudos where it's due, you never know when you deserve to be on the center stage too!

Team Bonding

I probably don't need to tell that talk is cheap - but how often do talk about things in meetings and never document them or follow-up with your meeting attendees about them? We can't remember everything that gets said in a meeting, and no-one wants to juggle between multiple windows to scribble down some interpretation of the comment... and that's where card lists come in - with this scene you can write down ideas with your teammates in a single window, sort, edit, and assign them collaboratively. Improved accountability, here we come.


This scene turns managing unruly crowds of people trying to ask questions into a organized, smooth process, with upvoted questions, anonymity and a center stage to highlight the brave question asker!

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