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Powerful Interactivity.

Elevate your virtual events with a variety of interactive apps designed for better engagement and interactivity
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Set up polls and survey, and see answers onscreen in real-time. Skip the chat-box.
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Get real-time reactions from the audience.
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Host Q&A sessions and let people raise their hands to ask questions.
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Create lists, brainstorm together, and get more out of every event.
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Play trivia games with buzzers, and make events fun & memorable.
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Add boards, timers, and word clouds to the screen. Make every presentation a group activity.
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Design meetings as 2-way presentations.

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Manage the spotlight, assign roles and bring people on stage
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Stick to the agenda, structure discussions via scenes & content
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Manage time, add timers and smart controls to stay on track
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Stay on brand, customize the look and feel of meetings
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Spark engagement, embedded fun apps for more participation

Create unique experiences,
with branded meetings.

Meeting highlights, practical insights.

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Document ideas and the outputs from meetings instantly
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Summarize meetings with a range of metrics
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See meeting trends over time to improve performance
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Grow your meeting super-powers, as AI-based insights from your meeting history discover proven best practices
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Interactivity is built into the platform, and this makes a big difference. From using emojis, to moving focus areas, and participants that can volunteer by pressing a buzzer and coming into the spotlight, or be volunteered and engage, the platform empowers the host with a multitude of options to engage with the audience in a direct and fun way. For me personally the biggest added value of the platform is how seamless this happens.
Olga Molocenco
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We used the Zync platform for a fun morale event for our team. We all had a lot of fun trying out the various types of games without having the pressure of typical morale events. It was engaging and we all learned more about each other in a low stress environment.
Jason Young
Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft
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...made it more fun. You had Q&A, make participants interact, emojis showing around, audience clapping sounds, showcase participants when they raise hands and also center and spotlight. Truly felt like we were on a stage setting and everyone is coming together...
Danish Dhamani
Cofounder Orai | Speaker | Forbes 30u30
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Zync was a completely novel experience for me and my team, much to our delight. Zync made our meetings *fun* and drove engagement.  It was trivial to add in surveys, games and ice breakers into the meeting, something no other tool I am aware of is capable of. The quality of the audio and video was uniformly excellent. Impressive work done by the Zync team!
Siddharth Ram
Chief Technology Officer, Inflection
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The team is really digging it (running the Company All Hands on Zync) - especially the reactions.  Zync has been an interactive presentation tool that incentivizes audience engagement as opposed to a one-to-many presentation.
Derek Osgood
Founder & CEO, Ignition
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...The Zync.Ai platform really made a difference in keeping everyone engaged and present. As a speaker the participants felt like they were more engaged and the fun games kept everyone involved....
David Youssefnia
Organizational psychologist, Entrepreneur and Advisor
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Our team enjoyed Zync for our weekly team remote hangout - we got to play games and learn about each other in a way that was so much more interactive than our usual routine. We loved the pitch deck game the best.
Grin Lord
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I appreciated how Zync offered a way to do games in advance, respond to the speaker, and take polls in a fun and interactive format.
Elizabeth Grace Saunders
Time Management Coach, Author, Remote Work Expert
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Zync saves valuable time by preventing boring meetings without a purpose.You can keep meetings productive and engaging using Zync's powerful interactive meeting templates.
Subbu Subramaniam
Product @ Cisco
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Beautiful group video layout with multiple presenter / audience positions. Various interactive tools for a presenter to engage their audience. A thematic background that set the virtual meeting's atmosphere.
Hendra Wong
Software Engineering Manager, Checkr, Inc.
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...makes me think about how I structure my meetings. How we come together and do things together. Typically, the organizer doesn't put thought on the structure, but Zync helps me think through the flow and has common templates for regular meetings...
Andrew Sumitani
Founder, Marketing Maneuvers
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Zync is a well thought out product focussed on improving engagement in a remote environment with a number of ways to interact with the audience & keep them engaged. In particular, I loved the functionality to host quizzes & share infographics with the audience.
Kapil Kumar
Global Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant at Remote | Co-Founder at The ClearPath
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...makes the meeting much more meaningful and provides a visual structure to it that is not just different but suitable to the meeting purpose. Instead of always looking the same, zync allows for multiple different meeting configurations.
Florian Rustler
Coach for effective collaboration🤝, systematic creativity💡, innovation🌟, agility🔄 and productive meetings💬, bestselling author📚
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