Who should be my audience ?

This article will guide you through a critical aspect of determining your target audience.

Reflecting on Growth: Your Audience is You from 10 Years Ago

To truly connect with your audience, envision them as a reflection of your past self, specifically from a decade ago. Think about the challenges, aspirations, and questions you faced during that time. What knowledge and insights would have accelerated your growth? Tailoring your content to resonate with the version of yourself that craved guidance and inspiration will establish a genuine connection with your viewers.

By considering your audience as an extension of your past self, you create a platform that offers the mentorship and insights you wish you had received at a crucial juncture in your career. This empathetic approach will not only resonate deeply with your audience but also establish you as a relatable and authentic figure in their professional journeys.

Accelerate Growth: Provide Ways to Expedite the Learning Curve

Executives are perennially pressed for time, making efficiency a prized commodity. Leverage your talk show as a platform to offer your audience actionable strategies and tools that can accelerate their growth. Share tips, frameworks, and success stories that distill complex concepts into digestible insights.

Consider featuring guests who are experts in areas that executives may find challenging to research on their own. Your talk show becomes a valuable resource, offering curated information and saving your audience the time and effort required for in-depth research. This positions you as a trusted curator of knowledge, further solidifying your brand as a go-to resource for industry insights.

Bandwidth Solutions: Showcasing Concepts for Time-Strapped Professionals

Recognize that your audience may lack the bandwidth to delve into extensive research on various topics. Your talk show can bridge this gap by showcasing key concepts, trends, and innovations in a concise and engaging format. Break down complex ideas into bite-sized, easily digestible segments, catering to the time constraints of busy executives.

By providing a condensed and insightful overview of relevant topics, you position yourself as a valuable source of information, catering to the needs of time-strapped professionals. Your talk show becomes a go-to destination for staying informed without overwhelming time commitments.

In conclusion, launching a talk show as an executive is a strategic move that can elevate your professional brand. By understanding your audience through the lens of your past self, focusing on pivotal growth periods, and addressing the time constraints of busy professionals, you can create a talk show that resonates deeply and establishes you as a credible authority in your industry. Embrace the opportunity to inspire, educate, and connect with your audience, propelling your professional brand to new heights.

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