Talkshow for content marketing

Talkshow for Content Marketing: Unlocking the Power of Conversational Branding.

Three reasons why a talkshow is so powerful for content marketing: 

  1. Co-create content with guest speakers and audiences
  2. Pillar content and micro content strategy -- expand your reach by repurposing assets
  3. Tap into the power of video marketing

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0:02 Are you thinking about an online talk show for content marketing? I'm going to give you three reasons why it's a great idea.

0:11 Number one, much like talk shows on television, you invite guest speakers and optionally alive audience and ask them some questions, have some interactive segments, perhaps some have some audience interaction, and in this process what you're doing is that you're co-creating content with your guest speaker

0:31 and your audiences. This is not only more engaging and authentic and resonates battle with viewers, but it also puts the pressure off of you because your speaker and audiences are creating content with you.

0:48 Number two, a talk show can really power your entire content engine. Every episode that you record serves as a pillar piece of content and it can repurposed in various formats across various distribution channels like website, social media, email, newsletter, etc

1:11 For example, you could use each segment from an episode as video clips and post them across social media channels over time or you could use the transcript to create a blog post or you could use the audio to share on podcasting platforms.

1:27 This really Magnifies the reach of that recording that probably takes 30 to 40 minutes to record in an online version.

1:37 Number three, we're really in the world of video marketing. And 91% consumers say that they want to see brands produce more video content.1:48 And it's not just a one-sided affair. Content marketers say that they're seeing a lot of positive ROI from investments in video marketing.

1:59 92% of them say that they've seen positive ROI from video marketing. So if you're not investing in video and creating video content, you're really lagging behind.

2:12 Launching your online talk show is a great way to create not just video content, but transform that into multi-channel, multi-media, multi-mode, and multi-platform content that can be distributed across channels and really expand your reach.

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