Making your talkshow super efficient

Make Your Talkshow Work For You: Manage Your Production Efforts Efficiently.

You’re right, running a show is indeed a lot of effort. There’s a lot to do from Planning, Preparing Assets, Promoting it, and Preparing for the show.

🔥 Zync uses AI to take care of most of this! Running a Zync show should take you about 10 min of time besides recording the actual episode.

For each episode :

  • Zync created a branded recording studio
  • Helps prepare questions for your speaker
  • Lets you create an episode structure and timeline in a few clicks
  • Instantly generates a registration page to invite live audiences
  • Handles post production and automatically creates assets after each recording

Your Total Time Commitment per episode: 50-60 Mins

🔥 What You get:

  • Unique content for your audience
  • Growing network/audience
  • Short video clips for LinkedIn, Twitter, etc
  • Suggested social media posts ready to be published in a click
  • Registration, On-demand Pages for inbound queries/leads

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