Setting up Live Streaming on Zync

Elevate your content with seamless live streaming setup on Zync. Learn how to engage your audience in real-time with our step-by-step guide.

Enable Live Streaming:
Navigate to Workspace Settings → Integration → Live Streaming. Check the box labeled “Episodes will be live streamed”

Add Stream Configuration:
Enter the RTMP URL and Key provided by your Streaming Service (e.g., YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn). Give it a user-friendly name.

Adjust Settings in Live Studio:
Once in the Live Studio, if Live Streaming is enabled, you’ll find a “Setup Streaming” button in the top right corner.

Edit Stream Configuration (if needed):
Clicking this button allows you to edit the Stream Configuration set at the Workspace Level. This step is necessary for some streaming platforms.

Start Streaming:
Add your configurations and click “Start Streaming” to begin streaming your episode to the designated Streaming Services.

Go Live on Streaming Service:
Visit your Streaming Service platform and hit “Go Live” to ensure your streaming audience receives the Episode Stream.

Manage Audience Experience:
While in the Lobby, a placeholder poster will display, indicating that the show is about to start. Click “Start Episode” to transition to the live episode for your audience.

Tip 💡: When opening another browser window for live streaming, consider muting the browser tab to avoid audio feedback.

For LinkedIn Live Streaming setup, follow similar steps but note these nuances:

  1. Enable LinkedIn Live Streaming:
    Request approval for LinkedIn Live Streaming, which may take up to 24 hours for approval.
  2. Dynamic LinkedIn URL:
    Generate an RTMP URL and Key from  before going live. Choose a region close to you and click “Get URL.”
  3. 10-Minute Limit:
    LinkedIn imposes a 10-minute limit before going live. Ensure that the time between “Start Streaming” on Zync and “Go Live” on LinkedIn is under 10 minutes. You can initiate the live stream even if your speakers are not ready, as viewers will see a friendly “Show Starting Soon” message until you officially begin the episode on Zync.

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