How frequently should I run my show?

Consistency is key to a successful show - what's a good cadence to have? Let's find out!

Given the efficiency of show preparation, running your Zync Show once a week is highly recommended. To leverage behavioral science and create a sense of anticipation for your audience, try to stick to a specific time slot, such as Wednesday afternoon between 4 and 6 PM.

Having a designated time range allows for flexibility in accommodating guest speakers' availability. You can inquire about their schedule with confidence, stating your usual recording time (e.g., "I record my show on Wednesday afternoons - are you available then?"). This approach streamlines the booking process and improves the chances of securing top-notch guests for your episodes.

Moreover, maintaining a short time frame for your show recordings keeps you in "Show Mode" during that period, allowing you to deliver your best performance consistently. It helps you stay focused and ensures a smooth production process.

Additionally, adhering to a regular schedule benefits your Live Audience, as they can anticipate when your new episodes will be released. A consistent cadence fosters audience loyalty and engagement, as they become accustomed to tuning in at specific times to catch your latest content.

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