11. Producer + Host Checklist - Before, During and After the Show

Discover vital tasks for producers and hosts pre, during, and post-show, guaranteeing smooth execution and reflective post-production.


  1. Producer + Host: Check if Camera / Microphone is working well for Host + All Speakers.
  2. Host: Confirm that the guest is on Chrome and if not have them join on Chrome.
  3. Host: Ask Guests to stay back on the browser tab after the episode ends so the Local Recording upload completes.
  4. If you are live streaming:
    1. [Producer]: Before the show start, should “Enable Live Streaming” in Workspace Settings -> Integration
    2. [Host]: Ensure that they’re enabled for LinkedIn Live. This might take up to 24 hours so make sure they do this ahead of time. By default all LinkedIn users are not enabled to Go Live. If they’ve gone Live before they’re usually enabled.
    3. [Host]: Go to https://www.linkedin.com/video/golive/now
    4. [Host]: Get the URL / Key from there.
    5. [Host]: Mute the LinkedIn Go Live Browser Tab so you don’t hear feedback.
    6. [Host]: Click Setup Streaming
    7. [Host]: Add the URL / Key and click “Start Streaming”.
    8. [Producer]: Ensure the Host hits “Go Live” on LinkedIn within 10 minutes of finishing Streaming Setup.
    9. [Host]: Click “Go Live” on LinkedIn Live. Note, when you “Go Live” when you are still in the lobby, the audience will only see a “Waiting for show page to get started”. So you can Go Live on LinkedIn early.


  1. [Host] Make sure you move to the different sections in the timeline
  2. [Host + Producer]: In Discussion Point segments there’s an “Interesting” button on the bottom right (Keyboard shortcut : Ctrl + Space). Click on this if the Guest Speaker says something “shorts worthy”. This is a signal to the AI to create a video clip out of it.
  3. [Producer]: Stay on Mute so background noise doesn’t affect recording.
  4. If you have a live Audience:
    • [Host] Encourage the Live Audience to ask questions in the Questions Tab and use the Reactions button if they find something exciting.
    • [Producer] Monitor chat for if they’re running into any issues. Share the Troubleshooting Guide: https://www.zync.ai/troubleshooting-guide in case theyr’e running into issues.
    • [Producer] If someone is being nasty on chat, go to the Attendees Tab and kick them out.
    • [Producer] Use the Reactions Bar to initiate audience reaction. Audience typically react when they see someone else react.
    • [Host + Producer] Monitor the Questions tab for questions and click ‘Ask’ on the question. This will anchor the question on the page and will also create a video clip of the Guest Speaker answering the question.
  5. [Host] Click “End Episode” on the top right to end Episode. Do not just “Exit” the studio.


  1. [Host] - Remind Guests to stay on the browser tab until the recording is uploaded. Even if you “Exit” the studio the recording will continue to upload as long as the browser window remains open.
  2. If Live Streaming:
    1. [Host]: Go to LinkedIn Live to “End Streamign”. Sometimes the Live will end when the streaming ends so you don’t have to do thsi explicitly.
    2. [Host] Unmute your LinkedIn Live Tab.
  3. [Host]: Tell Guest Speakers that you’ll share the Content Kit when it becomes available.

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