Get Talkin': Unleash the power of B2B Talkshows

‘Every company must be a media company’ -  we received the memo a few years ago. Since then, businesses big and small have been churning out blogs, guides, reels, webinars, and more like never before. Everyone’s got game (content), but only a handful are winning the audience's attention. Despite shrinking attention spans, winners keep their audiences entertained, informed, and engaged. Zync is building the first B2B talkshow platform to help more businesses win with engaging content and audience connection. 

For decades, talk shows like Late Night TV, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, and others have entertained millions of viewers. Today, their reach extends to digital channels, where bite-sized clips and online exclusives keep the show in people's minds long after an episode has aired. What works? Why do people love talkshows?

The same factors contribute to podcast popularity, though visual elements that allow audiences to further connect with hosts and guests by "putting a face to the voice" are missing. Well-produced shows use immersive sound design and voice actors to have the same impact. 

Shifting B2B Preferences

In the B2B world, evolving consumer behavior is driving a shift towards more authentic and engaging forms of communication. While traditional webinars remain effective, they are experiencing a decline in engagement as consumers increasingly turn to more interactive formats such as podcasts, livestreams, and video content.

The argument in favor of webinars over podcasts, talk shows, or videos was based on the assumption that audiences are not actively engaged in the latter formats, leading to lower attention and retention rates. However, recent studies have debunked this notion. However, recent studies have debunked this assumption. A study by Edison Research found that 54% of podcast listeners "often" or "always" pay attention to the content they consume. Further, a report by webinar platform ON24 revealed that although the average number of webinar attendees increased in 2020, the average viewing time decreased. As a result, marketers are increasingly turning to more interactive formats, such as virtual events and personalized video, to better engage with their audience.

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Zync brings talkshows to the B2B world

Zync is the first end-to-end platform designed to produce B2B talkshows at scale. We want more companies to leverage talkshows as a viable growth channel. 


From generating your show’s poster to suggesting questions based on a topic or speaker profile, Zync uses AI to speed up your prep for each show. Choose from pre-designed themes and templates or generate posters using AI prompts. 


Our platform is designed to support talkshows with or without a ‘studio audience’. For one-on-one conversations, our themes are tailored to foster a dynamic and engaging dialogue between the host and their guest. Built-in functionalities, such as Rapid Fire rounds enable hosts to create an engaging experience for viewers. 

For talkshows that welcome audiences, Zync offers a growing range of interactive features, including polls, Q&As, reactions, and games. Our platform ensures that the audience can fully immerse themselves in the conversation, making the experience interactive and inclusive for all.


Zync uses generative AI to automatically create a ‘content kit’ as soon as you finish recording an episode. This kit contains show summaries, highlights, and transcripts. These assets can be used as bite-sized video clips on your socials or for email marketing campaigns, ads, etc. 

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Types of B2B Talkshows 
Engage External Experts 
  • Expert Discussions: Invite thought leaders in your industry to discuss trends and their personal experiences. 
  • Customer Stories: Invite your customers to speak about their expertise or about experience using your product. It’s a great win-win!  
Engage Internal Experts 
  • Employee Training: Invite trainers to provide insights and tips on topics like leadership, communication, teamwork, and personal development. 
  • Product Deep-dives: Showcase the features and benefits of a product or service. Invite subject matter experts or product managers to discuss product features. 

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Try Zync today!

Elevate your content strategy with your own talkshow. Zync utilizes the latest advancements in AI and human-centered design to help businesses launch a talkshow 10x faster and cheaper. Automatic snippet creation and show summary features save time and resources, allowing for easy repurposing of content across multiple channels. 

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