Types of B2B Talkshows

B2B Talkshows are an excellent tool for educating and engaging both internal and external stakeholders. The conversational format of a talkshow - whether it's one-on-one or one-to-a-few, creates a personal, enjoyable, and authentic experience for the audience. As a result, talkshows are one of the most effective ways to create, own, and distribute your content. By hosting a talkshow, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, build relationships with your audience, and drive business outcomes.

Here are a few types of talkshows to consider as a B2B company:


These topics can be used to build brand awareness, credibility, and demand among your target audience.  

  • Customer success stories: Invite customers to talk about their experience using your product or service successfully. The host can interview the customer to understand their experience, pain points, and how the company's solution helped them overcome their challenges. A well-produced show that is shareworthy can give both you and your customer exposure to each other’s networks. Pro Tip: Seek help from your sales team. Ask account managers to invite customers who they have a good relationship with.

  • Industry trends and insights: Talk shows that educate audiences about the latest trends and insights in the industry can be very popular. Invite industry experts to share their views on the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities in the industry.

  • Industry events and conferences: If you attend industry events regularly, you’ve got access to a goldmine of insights and experts. Tap into them to produce your own talkshow. You can interview speakers, attendees, and sponsors to capture the key takeaways, trends, and innovations. Pro Tip: An invitation to speak on your talkshow is a great way to connect with and warm up potential leads.

  • Product deep-dives: Invite subject matter experts from your company to showcase product features, explain the benefits, and discuss how the product/service can solve customer problems. Pro Tip: Snippets from these talks could be used for product marketing and customer onboarding/activation. Zync automatically generates snippets and post-event summary from your talkshow episodes.

  • Regulatory and compliance updates: In industries such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing or legal, regulatory and compliance updates are critical for businesses. Talkshows that provide updates and insights on regulatory changes, compliance requirements, and best practices can be very useful.


These talkshow topics can be used to build employee engagement and advocacy.

  • Company culture and values: Provide a glimpse into the company's culture, values, and vision. You can interview employees, leaders, and other stakeholders to understand what makes the company unique and how it fosters a positive work culture.

  • Sales and marketing tips: Make every employee an ambassador - invite experts from the company or industry to share their advice on topics such as lead generation, social selling, content marketing, and account-based marketing.

  • Employee training and development: Invite experts or trainers to provide insights on leadership, communication, teamwork, remote work, and personal development.

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