Talkshow-Driven Lead Generation

Revolutionize your lead gen strategy with Zync's online talkshow platform. Dive into meaningful conversations with prospects and customers, foster a vibrant live audience, and leverage on-demand content gates to generate qualified leads.
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Network Approach to Quality Leads
Harness the power of relationships in your lead gen strategy. With Zync, invite customers, prospects, or industry influencers as speakers and tap into their networks.

Convert with Live Engagement

Go beyond just viewership. Host live talkshows and provide easy registration options, turning interested audiences into potential leads. Zync ensures a seamless experience, converting passive viewers into engaged participants and future prospects.

On-Demand Content, Gated Leads

Stay ever-green in your prospects' minds. With Zync, turn every talkshow episode into a suite of on-demand content available across platforms. Offer this rich content in a gated format, capturing leads who seek valuable insights and ensuring a consistent pipeline for your sales teams.
How Zync Works
Set up your workspace in less than 5 minutes
Get a branded recording studio
Create a new episode in minutes
Get instant promo assets like a poster, registration page, etc
Drag and drop segments to create the flow of your episode
Go live, interact with audiences (emojis, chat, polls)
Get a content kit with social posts, video bites, blog, email, etc
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The platform has been an absolute delight, offering an effortless and efficient way for publishers to create professional-grade media content. It seamlessly integrates all the essential features for producing engaging video and audio content. Moreover, I'm thoroughly impressed by the platform's intuitive content suggestions and writing assistance, which have been invaluable in my creative journey.
Hendra Wong
Engineering Leader
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Zync was the platform partner I needed to kick off our company's Talk Show - Conversations in the Future of Work. The Zync platform makes my job as a host streamlined and efficient, so that I spend less time building materials and more time thinking about the conversation in play. The post-show materials are fantastic. Summarization and various clips make it so easy to get the most out of every single episode.
Rachel Cossar
Founder, Virtual Sapiens
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I'm absolutely delighted with the outstanding results of using Zync as my one-stop-shop solution for creating my new Show, Podcast and Youtube channel (one recording and you get all of the content for these channels at once). The platform is so easy to use, it is a game-changer. Zync  automatically generates show notes, social media video clips, promotional flyers, event registration, all automatically, saving me precious time and streamlining the content creation process. As someone who values every minute, I wholeheartedly recommend harnessing the power of this exceptional platform. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make the most of your time and elevate your content creation experience with Zync!
Ellin Sidell
Coach & Mentor
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