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40 MIN
5 MAY, 2022

When to go Hybrid vs Fully Remote


When to go Hybrid vs Fully Remote?

Hybrid work is different from remote work. The difference is that hybrid workers are splitting their time between a conventional in-office work style and working remotely. Hybrid models include both, times working from home and time working from the office. While fully remote means you can work from anywhere in the World.

Adopting a hybrid workplace makes room for a sizeable amount of savings in office expenses. This can include rent, furniture, stationery, etc.

When your team is hybrid you still need to do a lot of virtual meetings, Do employees complain about having virtual meetings while at the office?

So these are the comments from Tom:

1️⃣Working remotely is for when you have focus tasks or solo work.

2️⃣When there is teamwork, that kind of collaboration should happen at the office.

3️⃣ When people are not synchronized this is a problem for management, as they need to be sure that the squad or the people related to the project can attend all at the same time.

4️⃣ Meetings should be scheduled around the best days that they can happen in person.

The bottom line is if you have to do 9 calls a day, don’t go to the office

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