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19 MAY, 2022

Time Management For Remote Teams


Time Management for Remote Teams

What has been the top habit or area for someone to work to improve or for good time management and productivity after switching to remote?

What are the Top 3 Tips that Elizabeth told us to work on?

Top 3 Tips to improve your time management and productivity when working remotely:

1️⃣Establish a good Structure

  • Decide when you want to start and end work
  • Make your hours and what you will be working on very clear, to avoid stress.

2️⃣ Focus and eliminate all distractions.

  • When at home find the best place to avoid all distractions that personal activities can create.

3️⃣ Learn to reach out to your colleagues.

  • In the office it's easier to stop at your boss’s desk, or find a colleague in the hallway, but when you are remote you can get stuck for hours not knowing what to do.
  • You need to learn when and how to reach out to be effective

What are some things that people are struggling in with this remote work environment?

In 2020 because of the home/office environment change, this was a huge change for a lot of people, having the kids at home, not having to commute, etc.

Some of the biggest challenges people were having was not having a consistent schedule, they ended up going late to bed as they did not have to wake up early to go to the office. Also, there was a big struggle to focus, you will see things at home that needed to be done, homeschooling, long due chores, so there was a massive increase in distractions.

Due to the impact of loneliness, a lot of people want to go back to the office even if it’s hybrid and just a couple of days. The psychological health part is now what is challenging for productivity.

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