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40 MIN
26 MAY, 2022

Running a Successful Virtual Meeting


Running a Successful Virtual Meeting

The first thing is to pick the right virtual meeting tool. Then you have to be conscious of the length of the meeting no more than 1 hour, so for that, you need to have a well-defined agenda and stick to it. There are a lot of things to take into account to run a successful virtual meeting so in this week’s episode we will be working on tips for that.

Some great takeaways from this show:

What are some practical ways to define the meeting purpose, and how can we make sure that everyone is aligned with it?

1️⃣ It is very important that the person that requested the meeting has the purpose very clear, and that if it is not included in the invite she/he wrote it down so he/she can clarify it during the meeting.

2️⃣ At the end of the meeting, you need to have clarity that the purpose of the meeting has been understood and reached.

3️⃣ Also, it is very important to clarify if a decision needs to be made or if the meeting is just informative.

Sharing some examples of bad meeting experiences:

1️⃣ A person attending 2-3 meetings at the same time!

  • As a result, it will be like you did not participate in any of them
  • Be careful and try not to overbook your time

2️⃣ A design review meeting that was ends up being a Brainstorming meeting.

  • A colleague pitches the problem and then the whole team starts talking about their ideas and it ends up being a waste of 1 hour and there is no solution

What are good ways to close a meeting, especially in virtual settings where there are no personal interactions?

1️⃣ if it’s not a 15 minutes stand-up, do a checkout.

  1. To understand in what mood are the people leaving the meeting
  2. or how are they feeling about how the meeting went.
  3. give participants a personal space to check out.

2️⃣ Plan for things that cannot happen in the virtual setting.

  1. you cannot bump into each other after a meeting, so plan for that time for the team to have a little chat.

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