35 MIN
11 AUG, 2022

Building a culture of Trust in Remote-First Organizations


Thank you to our special guest in this week’s episode Rachel Lanham

In this episode Arjun and Rachel talk about:

1️⃣ How to build a culture of trust?

2️⃣ Is it more important for start-up companies to be in-person?

3️⃣ How to write a Culture document that is great?

4️⃣ Trust and Psychological safety

How does a virtual culture work if there is no trust? there are so many questions that will be tied to Productivity and can create a snowball effect.

What are some good culture-building remote activities?

🥂 Happy hour

🏠 Why not try to send your people out into their communities wearing the company T-shirt and get involved with the community?

The Fully Remote Talkshow #fullyremotetalkshow Thursday’s at 5:00 PM PT for all the answers. Expert Rachel Lanham COO at Voodle was at the Fully Remote Talkshow to tell us more about it.

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